University of Otago Sciences

Allan’s was fortunate to be chosen to manufacture and install the metalwork items for what was a high-profile and meaningful project for us, for the University of Otago. This two-year project at the Sciences facility of the University was exciting for us, as was working alongside Leigh’s Construction.

Allan's has supplied a wide range of products including internal balustrades and handrails along with high end 316 Polished Stainless Steel rails to ramps and stairs. These are of course the items easily visible to the eye although along with Louvre frames, roof barriers, and access systems Allan's has spent hundreds of hours contributing to this great project. 

lieghs construction

"We have used Allan’s for the majority of our metalwork on the Science 1 Redevelopment for the University of Otago. The work that has been carried out has been extremely well managed and to a very high standard. The staff has always been very attentive and they communicate well to let you know when they can complete the work. We will definitely be using Allan’s for future works."

Leighs Construction Limited