Allan's Roofing & Scaffolding

Roof right with Allan’s Long Run Roofing. Allan’s manufacture, supply and install New Zealand’s best in roofing products right here in Otago. Free quotes, colour swatches and sample packs available.


Ampelite Wonderglas GC
Solarsafe Clear Sheeting

Allan’s manufacture and supply Coloursteel long-run roofing, spouting and flashings. We also manufacture and supply Coloursteel roofing and roofing products to builders, plumbers and DIYers.

Our Coloursteel long-run roofing puts an attractive and hardy barrier between your home and the weather. Long-run Coloursteel roofing can also be quicker to install that most other roofing systems, meaning a shorter period of time that your home is exposed to the elements and less disturbance to your normal routine.


Allan’s provide a fully-licenced, safety-compliant scaffolding service for both business and home owners.

To get the job done at the highest level of safety, get Allan’s to scaffold your place. Our scaffolding service supports our long-run roofing operation to ensure that we can provide you with a fast and efficient, total roofing service.

Our skilled staff can expertly design and build fully safety compliant scaffold solutions to meet your needs so you can work safely and confidently. A safe, stable scaffold will help you get the job done with less hassle and less risk than working off a ladder.